Je Dis Non Ali
Date: 2008

Role: Art direction and design

Poster design for an indie short film written by Alison Cardoso and Jim Eshom. The short has strong sexual themes and was shot in the French New Wave aesthetic, so I used a subtly suggestive image with bright typography and color.
Logo for Cha Cha's Vegan Delight ice cream.
Cha Cha’s Vegan Delight
Date: 2019

Role: Design

Packaging design for a small batch vegan ice cream company in Los Angeles. I used bright colors with touches of pastels to create bold, appealing packaging.
TiSO Payments
Date: 2016

Role: Art direction & design

While Senior Graphic Designer at iPayment Inc., I created the visual branding, collateral & web design of TiSO Payments. TiSO is marketed to software vendors & developers, so I chose modern, clean font treatments with a bold color scheme.
Date: 2018-2019

Role: Graphic Design

Design of marketing collateral, swag, and trade show booths for an international Fintech company. Note: I did not create the logo mark or branding schemes.
Liberation Dogs
Date: 2023

Art direction, graphic design

Logo mark and web design for a dog training company that works with rescues.
Ping Pong for Good
Date: 2022-2023

Art direction, graphic design, social media manager

I am thrilled every time I get to work on a project for Ping Pong for Good, a nonprofit that brings ping pong fitness to people with neurodegenerative diseases. These graphics were used in conjunction with a Giving Tuesday campaign.
Quiq Payments
Date: 2015

Role: Web design, graphic design

Website design for Quiq, a payments software company. In my design role, I created all of the graphics and mocked up the site layout. Then, I customized the site in WordPress. I also designed collateral for the sales team.
Practical Health
Date: 2019

Role: Branding, Graphic Design

Creation of brand identity for a health and wellness group that specializes in smoking cessation. For this client, I designed a logo and branded collateral including business cards, stationary, and swag for conferences.
Petroleum Card Services
Date: 2016-2019

My role: Graphic Designer

Design of trade show booths and marketing collateral with an existing. logo mark and brand scheme by Keegan Hall.
Breakup Makeup
Date: 2023

Art direction, graphic design

Branding and logo mark for a boutique cosmetics company.
Date: 2020

Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design

Nuevo Bros Films asked me to design a poster for their short film, Canners, a movie about a homeless man who collects recyclables to survive on the streets.
Canners short film movie poster
Canners movie poster on a subway kiosk
Canners short film movie poster in full size
iQ Connect Intranet
Date: 2016-2017

Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design

Worked as art director with the iPayment executive team to create branding and logo mark for the company intranet.